Farmslist is a marketing tool for small farmers. It helps build strong, healthy and happy communities!

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Supporting local farmers

Farmslist  brings more local shoppers to farms. We enable farmers to effortlessly use latest and greatest marketing and online technologies through old-school channels, such as text messages and phones, even rotary landline ones! We take care of all the tech and design to bring farm marketing to the new level.

Our ultimate goal is to help every small farm in the country reach their fullest potential and thrive!

Fresh food for the rest of us

Farmslist  helps families eat amazing local, clean, organic food, picked up at a local farm for a healthy family meal. This is a sustainable, environmentally responsible, healthy, fresh and absolutely delicious way of living. Find your local farmers year round, and shop at your local farms!

We want to see every city dweller and every suburb family visit local farm every weekend, and build strong, healthy, confident, and optimistic local communities!


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